How does coaching work?

My job is to ask the important questions so you can discover your own path to your chosen destination. Because as a coach, I believe that clients are already experts on their own lives. You already have the knowledge and skills to resolve your own issues. But you may need support to explore and access your own solutions.

Sometimes I find that clients already know exactly what needs to be done, but may still procrastinate. They may believe they don't 'deserve' success. Or they don't have what it takes.

As a coach my job is to give them the time and space to explore their hopes and fears along with any self-sabotaging beliefs, and with expert questioning, to find their own way forward.

This means that though I don't give advice, I will totally believe in you. As your coach I'm on your side, I will support you all the way and then applaud your success.


life coach

Coaching can help you to:

  • Take charge of your life
  • Decide on your short and/or long term objectives
  • Work out the structure and strategy to get where you want to be
  • Learn to ask for, and get, the help and support you need from colleagues, friends and family
  • Abandon the procrastination of the past and move forward
  • Learn to trust yourself and your own decisions
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Help you see things objectively, taking full account of your emotions without being overwhelmed by them
  • Learn how to make a habit of a self-coaching mind-set and discover a process that will help you with all your future goals


Are you up for the challenge?

Coaching is a way of empowering people. A coach can help you take stock of your life, decide what you want in the future and help you move forward step by step in a structured way to achieve the things you want.


Personal and life coaching

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Career and small business coaching

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writing training

Writing coaching

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Personal and Life Coaching

If you are totally 100 per cent satisfied with your life, read no further. But if there are things that are missing, perhaps the people or experiences that could make your life fuller, richer and more satisfying, that's where a life coach can help. Of course, you could talk things over with friends, But a coach can be more objective and impartial. Friends may give you the answers they think you want to hear, or tell you what they would do in your situation. A coach will help you focus on what you want, then help you plan the steps that will get you there.

Career Coaching

We spend a huge chunk of our waking lives at work and a satisfying career can significantly contribute to our sense of identity. It can fulfil our sense of purpose and help us feel we are making a contribution to the world. And if you truly love what you do, it doesn't feel like work at all. So wherever you want your career path to take you, a coach can help you generate a masterplan to get you there.

Of course, any change can be scary, but coaching can help you minimise the risks, work out how that new job could fulfil your needs and values, and help you make the changes that will give you fresh experiences and rewards.

Business Coaching

Small Businesses need coaches too and in my time I've run four sole trader enterprises. My first business was in advertising, then I became a freelance journalist, later I started a highly profitable photographic library and now I run a coaching business. I've hired people, grappled with rents and an office mortgage, handled difficult landlords, editors and clients and faced most of the problems you may be facing now or in the future. Being a sole trader needn't be solitary. Coaching could be the best business investment you ever make.

Writing and Creativity Coaching

After a lifetime working as a professional writer and journalist, it is particularly satisfying for me to support other writers to unlock their creativity, find fluency and flow, track down markets and carve a niche for themselves in the world of words.

Two decades of running workshops has given me a lot of understanding of how we block our own creativity. So I work with the conscious and the unconscious mind, enabling clients to abandon self-doubt and to access a wealth of creative possibilities. Building confidence is the key. Which often means switching off your conscious logical mind and accessing 'the zone' where all things are possible.

More information on my writing workshops here.

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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do
than by the ones you did do."

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

success stories


Lucy Robinson

NLP Practitioner, Yorkshire

My coaching sessions with Judi have given me the tools to reflect and see old patterns of behaviour that were preventing me from achieving my goals. My goal at the start was to get a new job and achieve a work/life balance. But the lessons I have learned on the journey will be with me throughout my career and I am truly grateful for that.

suzanne watts

Suzanne Watts

Market Research Consultant, Herts

The speed at which I have overcome perceived obstacles has been amazing. Judi always encouraged me to identify new challenges and in just four sessions I have achieved a significant improvement in two areas of my life.


Zoe Basil

Writer and Creative Director at Mind Rescue

My coaching sessions with Judi were a real turning point in my writing life. Her support and knack for asking just the right questions guided me to a place where my writing opened up and naturally became more prolific, spontaneous and fun.

I can really appreciate the support, structure and accountability coaching brings to achieving any goal.


Linda Davidson

Crowd Safety Steward, Manchester

Judi's coaching built my confidence and self-esteem and brought out the best in me. Through pre-session work and exercises, it helped me sort out who and what are important in my life, what my goals are and how I will achieve them. I've also learned coping skills to use during difficulties. Now I feel good about myself and excited for my future.


Margaret Derry

Project Manager, Manchester

Coaching has given me the space and time to really think about what I want. With Judi's support and encouragement, I have been able to set clear, specific objectives with realistic and achievable goals. Judi has challenged negative beliefs and my perspective has really changed. Now I realise that the only thing holding me back was me. Anything is possible. I believe in myself, I know what I want to do and know I can make a success of it.


David McCormick


My coaching sessions with Judi identified my strengths, improved my self-esteem and confidence and gave me purpose and direction in my life. The sessions brought out the best in me and allowed me to make best use of my own natural skills. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience mixed with a spattering of hard talk, all to my own benefit. GREAT!!


Marian McCraith

Novelist and Writing Tutor, Lancaster

Judi is a fantastic listener and I found the experience incredibly supportive and beneficial. I set myself goals that were sometimes challenging so this could be uncomfortable at times. But she made me feel accountable to someone outside myself and her positive manner was inspirational and energising.


Maria Jones

Samaritans Volunteer, Cheshire

My coaching sessions have had the most profound impact on my life and have led me to find my direction. Whatever happens in my future, thanks to coaching, I am now enjoying my journey one hundred per cent.


Karin Doucette

Writer, Toronto

I felt alternately respected and challenged working with Judi and I soared under her firm guidance and insights. She's a confessor, teacher, and a friend. Meeting her has been one of the most enriching turning points in my life.

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